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Product Description

Designed to complement the BM-A2-64MADI Audio and Data Monitor, the MADI-SWITCH provides the ideal routing solution when monitoring multiple MADI streams is required.

For MADI monitoring applications the 8x1 MADI-SWITCH is ideal, as multiple MADI streams are often found in large, complex audio systems. Generally, there is neither the budget or space to install a large number of monitor devices. The MADI-SWITCH solves this problem, as paired with a single MADI monitor it enables up to 512 channels to be monitored on just one device; thus resulting in significant savings in terms of cost and real estate.

Three versions are available:

MS64-F:    Fibre switch
MS64-C:    Coaxial switch
MS64-FC:   4 x Fibre and 4 x Coaxial switch

The front panel provides eight MADI inputs, with active loop-through outputs for connection to downstream devices. Input source selection is made using the front panel momentary toggle switch. Indication of the selected MADI input is provided by the SEL LED illuminating.

A SIG LED on each MADI input illuminates when an input source is present.

A traditional scribble strip is provided to allow the naming of incoming MADI sources to be labelled for clarity and ease of operation.


8x1 MADI Source Selector



  • 8x1 MADI source selector
  • MADI loop-through outputs for all inputs
  • Coaxial and fibre MADI outputs on rear panel
  • Fast and intuitive to use
  • LED status indication
  • Scribble strip for naming input sources
  • Compact 1U design
  • Redundant power supply as standard


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