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Product Description

The 1U BOB/O-32 breakout box is designed to complement the BM-A2-64MADI and MA64 (or any third-party device that provides up to eight AES/EBU output pairs on a single DB-25 connector - Tascam format).

Each BOB/O-32 is fitted with a pair of DB-25 input connectors and presents 16 pairs of AES/EBU outputs on XLR3M front panel connectors.


AES/EBU breakout box


  • AES/EBU Breakout Box
  • Connects directly to BM-A2-64MADI, MA64 and third-party devices
  • Provides 16 AES/EBU pair outputs (XLR3M) in 1U
  • Optional 600 mm link cable available


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