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Product Description

The cost effective Bel 8150 audio delay is designed specifically for synchronizing audio to video in post production areas where video delays result from VT editing and video effects units. It is intended for use where the video delay is known and is likely to be constant, or when frequent changes of delay are not required.

The Bel 8150 can be used with multi-channel audio sources or in a fixed location, with each channel dedicated to a specific item of video equipment.

Independent analogue and AES inputs are provided, while the output is available in both analogue and AES form, regardless of the input source. Each stereo pair of delay lines can be changed in field steps (PAL or NTSC) from 0-15 fields.

An input level control, peak LED and AES locked indicator are fitted for each stereo pair. The Bel 8150 user controls are recessed to prevent inadvertent operation.

Fitted with high quality converters, the Bel 8150 can also serve as a compact multi-channel A/D or D/A converter. This is an ideal solution where space is a premium.

Master signal bypass is implemented by relays in the event of power loss.


AES/Analogue Audio Synchronization Delay


  • Compact 1U 8 channel audio delay unit
  • Accepts both analogue and AES input sources
  • Simultaneous analogue and AES outputs as standard
  • Ideal for multi-channel or stereo operation
  • Clear and intuitive front panel interface, with recessed controls
  • Assignable delay from 0-15 fields per audio pair
  • Extremely reliable for 24/7 operation
  • Master signal bypass relays fitted as standard
  • Fully RoHS compliant
  • Designed to exceed current EMC directives