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VMMa takes delivery of nine 7150 synchronisation delays.


VMMa, one of the leading Belgian broadcasters, has just taken delivery of nine Bel Digital Audio 7150 digital audio synchronisation delays. The units are now installed in VMMa’s line centre to sync the audio from their ISDN codecs with incoming images. The 7150 delays were supplied via Bel’s distributor in Belgium Apex Audio.

Chris Wolters at VMMa described why they chose the Bel 7150 delays over alternatives. "It's all about antenna material and not only about monitoring. We bought this model because it can be set to deliver long delays and has a choice of presets for different delay lengths. The 7150 also provides both AES and analogue outputs and it is very simple and intuitive to use. The combination of these features plus the hard bypass and the fact we did not need any other effects, just a high quality versatile delay, made the Bel delays the obvious choice for us."

The Bel 7150 is a versatile digital audio delay featuring both analogue and AES connectivity as standard. This unit can delay stereo audio by up to 10.4 seconds [260 frames PAL, 312 frames NTSC].

Eight user-defined settings may be stored in memory and recalled locally or remotely via GPI's. The delay time may be changed in increments of samples, milliseconds, fields and frames. Field and frame values may be changed to reflect PAL or NTSC operation. A front panel lock is provided to prevent inadvertent operation and bypass is engaged in the event of power failure.

The Bel 7150 provides simultaneous analogue and AES outputs. This facility allows the 7150 to also function as an analogue to digital or digital to analogue converter. The AES output can be synchronised to an external AES reference input. A bit accurate mode is provided that will allow AC3 and Dolby E to be delayed.

In application the 7150 is particularly suited to video/audio resynchronisation (lip sync), audio web streaming and digital broadcast synchronisation where a very fine delay adjustment is essential.

VMMa operate six TV channels in Belgium including 2BE, VTM the first commercial Flemish language station, JIM targeting the younger market with music and youth oriented output. They also operate several radio stations including Q Music and Joe FM.