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New 16 channel 3G Audio Monitor Launched at IBC


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A new 2U audio monitor/de-embedder that features 16 individual high resolution LED bargraph meters was launched by Bel Digital Audio at IBC. The new unit provides audio monitoring of 3G, HD, and SD SDI video signals with loopthrough and additionally offers Dolby E / Digital and Digital Plus decoding. Bel has already taken multiple orders for the product which was demonstrated at the show.

The Bel BM-A2-E16SHD provides visual monitoring of the de-embedded audio by 16 individual, high quality, three colour, front panel mounted bargraphs, whilst audible monitoring is provided by tuned two-way speakers also mounted on the front panel. A comprehensive range of inputs and outputs are provided as standard. There are two SDI inputs alongside 8 AES audio pairs and 8 analogue inputs. The device provides auto-selection of 3G, HD and SD or SDI bitstreams and decodes as appropriate. Switching between inputs is accomplished by use of the simple, front mounted rotary controls.

All 16 audio channels present on the front panel bargraphs are also available as AES-3 outputs on the rear of the unit, therefore enabling the monitor to de-embed all 16 audio channels from any SDI stream. In addition, a re-clocked SDI loopthrough and 8 analogue outputs (with front panel level control) are provided.

This device is the second in a range of new high-spec products and additional variations are expected from Bel in the near future.

The BM-A2-E16SHD is instantly recognisable as a Bel device and follows their stated principles of innovative yet practical designs that employ a user proven, simple to operate rotary control system on the front panel. Crucially this provides the user with immediate access to their chosen options.

Using the front controls, the user can monitor any channel and can create combinations and groups. The bargraph meters are switchable between all available channels and inputs. Each meter features adjustable colour transition points and a peak-hold facility. The ballistics are user assignable and seven standard scales are available to choose from.

The two-way monitor speakers on the front panel can be sourced from any of the available channels and additional audible monitoring is provided via a headphone socket also on the front panel.

A Dolby decoder is included in the BM-A2-E16SHD as standard. When enabled it can decode Dolby® E, Dolby® Digital and Dolby® Digital Plus material from any of the AES inputs, or from embedded audio data within the SDI/AES bitstreams. A second non-Dolby version is also available called the BM-A2-16SHD.