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Bel 3G HD in RTP Madeira Facility


Madeira is the exotic destination for the latest sales of Bel Digital Audio’s range topping 3G, HD and SD multi channel Dolby ® E audio confidence monitor and de-embedder. Portugal’s state broadcaster RTP has installed several units on the island dependency following on from a first batch installed in their Lisbon facilities on the mainland. The units were supplied via the BEL distributor for Portugal, Auvid Cientifico also based in Lisbon and were part of the upgrade to HD broadcasting throughout RTP’s facilities.

The BM-A2-E8SHD+ accepts two SDI and two AES sources and automatically identifies between 3G, HD or SD video. Video format is then provided on the LCD display. Up to eight de-embedded audio channels can be selected directly from its front panel rotary controls and visually displayed on eight individual LED bar graphs. Each channel can then be routed to either, or both, left and right speakers. Dolby ® E bitstreams can be decoded (with metatdata) for monitoring  purposes, while all 8 decoded channels are available on the rear panel for connection to external speakers. A very intuitive user interface removes any requirement for menus.

This simplicity of operation was key to RTP’s choice of these devices over the alternatives for monitoring their broadcast feeds. According to Auvid Cientifico’s Sales Manager, Antonio Vieira “The units’ flexibility and the ease with which you can switch from monitoring one stream to another across all the available channels was quite obvious once we had demonstrated the BEL monitors to RTP. This was a key factor in their decision along with their full 3G HD compatibility and the units’ ability to decode Dolby E or Dolby Digital signals.”

RTP Madeira in addition to relaying feeds from RTP1 and associated channels has its own production facilities and produces programming and news for cable distribution to the Madeira Islands and via satellite for the Azores Islands. RTP on the mainland broadcasts one main terrestrial TV channel within Portugal whilst also broadcasting several other channels via satellite or cable TV service providers. These include a sports channel and an international Portuguese language channel intended for former protectorates such as Angola, Mozambique, Cape Verde, Macau and East Timor. The Bel monitors are directly employed in the transmission stream for confidence monitoring in relation to all this output.

The Bel 3G HD range has also recently been used to good effect in all the technical operations centres at the World Cup in South Africa along with several of the trucks used at the event.